Zong Apna Shehr Gujrat Offer (Updated 2024) – Zong Weekly Gujrat Offer Details, Charges, & Code


                                                                          انجوائے کرو پورا ہفتہ، اپنا شہر گجرات آفر کے ساتھ

Zong cares for its customers, so it has launched several excellent and affordable internet offers along with free call-diverting and Google Maps services.

A weekly bundle subscription is a win-win situation for both the company and the customer as they get huge incentives at a very minimum cost. Among its hot and famous bundles, Weekly Pro, Pro Plus, Mega-Data, and Weekly HLO Offers are worth mentioning. 

The complete details and list of the social, regional, daily, weekly, and monthly offers are present at PakTarrif. Visit our site and enjoy the best offers that the operator is offering.

Zong Apna Shehr Gujrat Offer on app

What you will see there is a long list of regional- offers; Apna Shehr Offers (اپنا شہر پیکجز) that include weekly subscriptions to a hybrid bundle.

Some of the regional offers are:

We are covering another region-based offer that is restricted only to the Gujrat region i.e., Apna Shehr Gujrat Offer available at a consumer price of Rs.160/-

In this article, we have mentioned all the details required for Weekly Gujrat Offer’s activation, its offered incentives, bundle validity, activation charges, codes, and terms & conditions.

Apna Shehr Gujrat Offer Details

Region-restricted offers are somewhat cheaper than other offers. So, people are more eager to activate these apna shehr bundles. 

By subscribing to this weekly Gujrat offer, the subscribers will get 5 GB of internet, 1000 Zong minutes plus SMS, and 40 other network minutes for just Rs.160/-

Zong Apna Shehr Gujrat Offer details

The details for this regional offer are:

Apna Shehr Gujrat Offer Apna Shehr Gujrat Offer
  • 5 GB of Data
  • 1000 On-Net Minutes
  • 40 Other Network Minutes
  • 1000 SMS
  • Dial *4466#
  • Validity 7 Days

Offer Charges

  • The prepaid Zong customer can get this weekly bundle at the consumer price of Rs.160/-. 

Activation Code

  • For code activation, dial the weekly Gujrat offer code *4466# to activate the offer.

Zong Apna Shehr Gujrat Offer code

  • For text message activation of the offer, send “SUB GUJRAT” to 6262.
  • The bundle is also available at Zong app.
  • For online activation of the offer, search the regional offer name and go to their official site. Fill in your number there and your package will be activated.

Zong Apna Shehr Gujrat Offer online activation

Status Code

  • For status inquiries, dial *102# @ Rs.0.10+tax per inquiry to get the details about the remaining MBs, call minutes, and SMS.
  • Real-time tracking is also available via My Zong App.

Deactivation Code

  • For the offer’s deactivation via code, dial *4466# and proceed through the steps.
  • For text message deactivation, send “UNSUB GUJRAT” to 6262.

Zong Apna Shehr Gujrat Offer deactivation code

  • The bundle can also be deactivated from the My Zong App.


  • Only Gujrat area prepaid customers are eligible for the offer.
  • The offer is not auto-reactivated
  • There will be no balance refund on deactivating the offer.
  • There will be no call setup charges during this offer.
  • Multiple subscriptions of this offer are allowed.
  • The out-of-bundle rate for data is Rs 1+Tax/MB, whereas the out-of-bundle rates for call minutes, and SMS will be charged according to the default package of the customer.

Terms & Conditions

If applicable, then the company will charge the following below-mentioned percentages:

  • An Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% will apply on every recharge.
  • If applicable then, an FED of 19.5% will apply to usage.
  • If applicable, a Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% will apply to use (if applicable).


The regional offers offered by the operator are limited-time offers. So, avail yourself of the offers before the company withdraws them. This regional Gujrat offer is also a well-equipped package when it comes to the data volume offered and other incentives. You just make sure not to have any other withholding taxes so that you may easily enjoy the offer with Rs.160/-.  

Other than this, if you only need social data, then go for the weekly social offer or daily social offer to enjoy your social connections.

Are there any call setup charges applicable?

There are no call setup charges during this offer.

Is the offer auto-recursive?

No, the offer is not automatically activated on expiry.

Which type of customers are eligible to subscribe to this offer?

Only prepaid customers are eligible for this offer. MBB, internet sim, and postpaid customers are not eligible for this offer.

Are multiple subscriptions allowed?

Yes, multiple subscriptions of the same bundle are allowed.

Can customers use off-net minutes while calling on UAN and PTCL numbers?

Yes, they can use it.

Can customers make conference calls during this offer?

Yes, they can.

Which cities users are eligible for the offer?

Only Gujrat people are eligible for the offer.


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