Zong Balance Share Code (Updated 2024) – How to Share Zong Balance – Zong to Zong Balance Share Code

Zong Yaari Load for you and all of your loved ones with just a single tap.

In this fast and furious world, everyone needs convenience at his doorstep and today we are going to share a “Zong Balance Share Code” with you which will help you in your urgent time. With the Zong Yaari Load service, Zong is offering a convenient Zong Se Zong Balance Share Code to its customers. Using this code, you can send the balance urgently to your loved ones at times of need. 

In this article, we will discuss the complete details related to this service about how to share Zong balance with your circle, its validity, eligibility, associated charges, terms and conditions, and other essential details required to avail of this service. 

From now onwards, no longer worry about someone running out of credit. Because it got easier to stay connected with Yaari Load.

How to Share Zong Balance

There are times when you or your loved one direly needs to contact someone but have insufficient balance. At this high time, the Zong balance sharing service helps you with the Yaari Load to fill in your needs. 

Below we are answering your question “How to Share Zong Balance” by detailing Zong Yaari Load

Zong Yaari Load

Yaari Load is a balance-sharing service of Zong that helps its customers share their balance with their loved ones in times of need. This service is more than just a balance transfer; it’s a lifeline, keeping you connected when it matters most.

This service provides a comprehensive solution to Balance Transfer and Balance Request with simple codes. These features are: 

  • Balance Transfer: With this feature of Yaari Load, you can help a friend or a family member (also on the same network) by giving them financial assistance during a critical moment.
  • Balance Request: Beyond just offering balance share, this service also has the Balance Request feature, which adds an extra layer of convenience. In emergencies, when a user finds themselves in need, the facility to request balance from friends and family becomes a ray of hope.

This dual functionality helps customers in reshaping their bonds who helped each other at times of need, even in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

The code details related to these features are: 

A. Zong to Zong Balance Share Code – Balance Transfer 

To start the process of transferring balance to your loved one is very easy with the Yaari Load code. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the balance-sharing procedure:

  • Start the balance-sharing journey by dialing the user-friendly Zong balance share code *828# directly from your phone.

Zong Balance Share Code - How to Share Zong Balance

  • Enter the Zong number of the person you want to share the balance with for a direct and secure transfer.
  • Choose the balance transfer amount according to your preference by entering the specific amount you wish to share with the recipient.
  • Hit “1” to confirm the balance transfer.

To enjoy this valuable service of the operator, the company charges a nominal fee of Rs.5/- including tax per transfer. This minimal charge is in return for the facility that users avail of by giving financial support to their loved ones at high times. With Zong Yaari Load, every step of this service is designed to be user-friendly, making the process of balance sharing simple, easy, and cost-effective.

With the Zong Balance Check Code, you can check your balance before sharing.

B. Zong Se Zong Balance Share Request

Are you stuck and need balance urgently? 

In times of urgent need for balance, this Yaari load service also offers the balance request option from someone else. If you find yourself in a situation where you require balance urgently, follow these steps to request balance from friends and family:

  • Dial Zong se Zong balance share code *829# from your cell phone to request a balance transfer.

Zong Balance Share Code - How to Share Zong Balance - Zong to Zong Balance Share Request Code

  • After dialing this Zong balance request code, enter the sender’s phone number from whom you want to request the balance.
  • Fill in the desired amount you wish to receive according to your immediate needs.
  • Confirm the balance request by following the provided instructions for a tension-free transaction.

Notably, there are no charges for balance requests. This user-friendly approach gives an option of reaching out to your circle during emergencies without any financial burden.

C. Zong Balance Share Code to Jazz

Unfortunately, the cross-network balance-sharing feature is not supported. For now, Zong users are unable to share their balance directly with Jazz Sim. This service is designed exclusively for Zong-to-Zong transfers within the Zong network.

In this case, you can request a loan via the Zong Advance Code.

Yaari Load Service Details

Now coming to the service details – eligibility, charges, balance sharing limits, terms and conditions, type of balance that can be shared, and the validity of the shared balance. 

  • Zong Yaari Load is exclusive to prepaid customers
  • Both the sender and receiver availing of this service must be Zong prepaid members
  • There are certain criteria to meet, such as a minimum remaining balance of Rs.5/- must be in your account after the Yaari Load.

This handy service comes at a minimal charge of Rs.5/- inclusive of taxes. It is the cost you are paying for availing of the convenience at times of need. But there are no charges for balance requests.

Balance Sharing Limit

To ensure efficient service and to cover a wide customer- base, the company has put a minimum and maximum balance sharing limit plus the no. of transactions that can be done in a day. 

  • The minimum amount that you can transfer is Rs.10/-.
  • The maximum sharing limit is Rs.200/-.
  • The customers can make only 5 transactions per day. 
Terms and Conditions
  • The Yaari Load service is exclusively for Zong prepaid customers. Both the sender and the recipient must be a holder of a prepaid plan.
  • The minimum transferable amount is Rs.10/-.
  • The maximum limit for balance transfers is Rs. 200/- per transaction.
  • After completing a Yaari Load transaction, the sender must have a minimum remaining Rs.5/- balance in their account.
  • The Yaari Load facility is not available for users subscribed to specific tariffs, including Dealers, Employees, Franchise, and certain families under the Dealer and franchise tariffs and Service tariff package.
  • Users can engage in up to 5 transactions per day.
Transferable VS Non-Transferable Zong Balance
Transferable Balance Non-Transferable Balance
Voucher Card Voucher Card FAT- built-in balance/ Hand Set Balance
Already Shared Balance Already Shared Balance Auto Load/Loan
Zong Load – E Pin Zong Load – E Pin Built-in Balance of Golden/BYN numbers.
Online Recharge Online Recharge Promotion amount redeemed Balance & reimbursed balance
Validity of Shared Balance

Below in the table are the details for the validity period of the shared amount as to what period this balance will hold onto your account and is available to you for use. 

Transfered Balance (Rs.) Validity
10-50 10-50 5 Days or existing, whichever is higher.
51-99 51-99 30 Days or existing, whichever is higher.
100-199 100-199 60 Days or existing, whichever is higher.


Zong Yaari Load is an easy solution to share and request balance at a time of need. This service provides a separate Zong Balance share code and a balance request code and we have covered them all. We are sure that now you will not face any difficulty or problem while availing of this balance share service.

What is Yaari Load?

Yaari Load is a balance-sharing service designed for Zong prepaid customers. Users can do two-way transactions through this service. They can transfer the balance from their sim to another or can request a balance from someone else.

Are there any eligibility criteria to qualify for balance sharing?

All users are eligible for Yaari Load if they have recharged an amount of Rs.50/- or more in the past 30 days.

Is the Yaari load service available to postpaid customers?

No, the Yaari Load service is exclusively for Zong prepaid customers. Both the sender and receiver must be using a Zong prepaid sim to avail of this balance-sharing service.

Does the service require any subscription?

No subscription is required for the Yaari Load service. Users can enjoy the convenience of balance sharing without any additional subscriptions.

Can we share the balance from Zong to Ufone, Telenor, Jazz/Warid, or other operator SIM?

No, the Yaari Load service is operational exclusively for ZONG to ZONG transfers.

Are there any charges for requesting a balance?

There are no charges for requesting a balance from another Zong user. The service is designed to facilitate users without burdening them with any additional charges on balance requests.

How many transactions can I make in a day?

Zong allows a maximum of 5 transactions per day.

Does the load transfer service work all over Pakistan?

Yaari Load is accessible to customers all over Pakistan, except for FATA and PATA regions.

Is there any limit to the transferable amount?

The Yaari Load service allows a minimum transfer of Rs.10/- and a maximum transfer of Rs.200/-.

Is Zong Yaari Load available for postpaid users or other networks?

No, Zong Yaari Load is exclusively for Zong prepaid users and cannot be used to transfer balance to postpaid users or other networks.

How many times can I send the balance through Yaari Load?

Zong Prepaid customers can engage in up to 5 balance share transactions per day.

Is there any minimum balance limit that I need to maintain for Yaari Load?

To do a successful Yaari Load transfer, users must maintain a minimum balance of Rs.5/- in their account after the transaction.

What is the maximum transfer limit?

The maximum amount that can be transferred through Zong Yaari Load is Rs. 200/-.

What are the Zong Yaari Load Charges?

For every successful transfer, Zong charges a minimal amount of Rs.5/-.

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