Zong Call Forwarding Service (Updated 2023) – Zong Call Divert Code

Zong has introduced Call divert or call forwarding service free of cost and customers can avail themselves of this offer to sort out different circumstances faced. You can select between different modes of your own choice. If you are busy at some work but don’t want to miss any important call, then you can forward it to your other contact number by using the Zong Call Forwarding service. The other circumstance could be that you don’t want to receive a call or message from a specific person and you want to divert it to someone else.

If you are also a Jazz user, then don’t worry as Jazz also has its Jazz Call Diverting Service. One can check the details there.

The details below give the unique Zong Call Divert Code for every different type of mode of this service.

Zong Call Divert Service

Zong has introduced 4 modes of their Call Divert service and you can subscribe to any one of them by dialing its unique code. The call forwarding service modes are:

  1. Don’t pick call mode
  2. Busy Mode
  3. Number out-of-reach mode
  4. Unconditional mode

Our article provides the details of all types with their specific subscription and un-subscription codes.

Zong Busy Mode Call Divert:

If you don’t want to receive any call from a specific number, you can set it into busy mode. By activating this mode, the caller will always hear a busy ring from your side.

The details of its subscription and un-subscription are:

Busy Mode Busy Mode
  • Dial **67*Number#
  • Dial ##67#

Zong Don’t Pick Call Mode Divert

If you are in a meeting and don’t want to pick up any call, then this call divert mode is suitable for you.

Don’t Pick Call Mode Don’t Pick Call Mode
  • Dial **61*Number#
  • Dial ##61#

To subscribe to this Don’t pick call mode, dial **61*number# and you’ll not receive any call during its subscription.

Zong Number Out-of-Reach Mode Call Divert

One can subscribe to this offer by dialing **62*number# when he/she wants to activate out-of-reach mode for its callers.

Number Out of Reach Mode Number Out of Reach Mode
  • Dial **62*Number#
  • Dial ##62#

Zong Unconditional or Other Mode Call Divert

Another service of this Zong call forwarding offer is unconditional call divert that can be easily subscribed to by dialing **21*number#. 

Other details are:

Unconditional or Other Mode Unconditional or Other Mode
  • Dial **21*Number#
  • Dial ##21#


This facility is available to all valued (prepaid and postpaid) customers of the Zong network, also the network keeps the right to deactivate this service at any time. 

Mobile Phone’s Call Divert Settings

Every mobile phone, whether it’s an android or keypad, has this call divert in-built service, one just needs to update the phone settings manually. If you are having any difficulty activating the call forwarding offer on the sim then you can turn on the mobile phone service by following the simple below-mentioned steps. By activating this service from mobile phone settings, you’ll be able to forward your calls to a specific number.

manual call divert settings

The steps of manual activation are:

  1. Open the “Phone Settings” after turning on “Mobile Data”.
  2. Tap on “Call Settings” in the “Primary Settings” section.
  3. Click on the “Call Forwarding” option here.
  4. Turn on this call diverting option.
  5. Add the required contact number here.
  6. Now click on the “Save” button and we are done.


This is the best offer for those people who want to transfer their calls at one specific time to another number. Users can deactivate the service at any time.

If you are a postpaid customer of Zong, then you must be looking for monthly WhatsApp offer as postpaid customers can’t subscribe to the one for prepaid customers.


How to get a call divert code?

You can activate this offer by dialing the above codes or by calling the helpline 310 for free. You have to enter the number to whom you want to divert the traffic.

How do I remove the call divert code?

You can turn off all call diverts on your mobile device by dialing ##002#. You'll receive the following response after tapping the short code and making a call: "You have successfully canceled call diverts."

How do I turn off mobile divert?

Simply type ##21**10# followed by the call button to cancel an active divert.

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