Zong Daily Data Max (Updated 2024) – Daily Data Max Code, Details, and Charges


                                                       فری یوٹیوب آل ڈے لونگ، صرف اور صرف زونگ ڈیلی ڈیٹا میکس آفر کے ساتھ

Zong understands its customers’ ever-changing needs and demands and puts a vigilant check and balance on its services. Understanding the craze of watching YT shorts, it has now offered its Daily Data Max offer where the subscribers can avail of free YT service and Tapmad TV service. 

Previously, it launched a daily social offer that provides customers with social data on a daily basis. But with this offer, they can use the whole internet while still having a specific YT data volume. Other than this, by subscribing to its Daily WhatsApp and SMS Social Pack, you can get internet, WhatsApp, and SMS to all network facilities.

The operator is providing captivating internet offers, regional offers, and free call-forwarding plus Google Maps services that have been covered at PakTarrif.

In this article, we have discussed all the details relevant to this everyday Data Max offer’s activation code, validity, charges, deactivation method, and terms & conditions.

Daily Data Max Details

Now it is possible to enjoy YouTube throughout the day whenever you want at just Rs.49/- load. It is unlike that 1-Hour YouTube offer, where you are bound for 1 hour only to utilize the provided data with a fair usage policy of 350 MBs only.

Here in this daily offer, the subscribers will get flat 500 MBs for YouTube to enjoy YT streaming all day long, plus having the privilege of utilizing 500 MBs of internet throughout the day. In these 500 MBs of the internet, you can access social apps as well as other internet surfing.

Zong Daily Data Max offer

This daily bundle doesn’t include any SMS or on-net/off-net minutes facility. But still, it’s by far the best offer for those who don’t need these facilities or either need only internet volume.

The details of the offer are:

Daily Data Max Daily Data Max
  • 1 GB of Data including 500 MB for YouTube
  • Dial *5#
  • Validity 1 Day

Offer Charges

  • All prepaid customers can get this bundle at a consumer price of Rs.49/- load.

Activation Code

  • Dial the data max code *5# now and reply with 1 to activate the offer.

Zong Daily Data Max code

  • One can also dial *6464# from the tariffs activation menu to activate the bundle.
  • To activate the offer online via the website, search for the offer name and enter the number for which you are activating the offer.

Zong Daily Data Max via site

Status Code

  • Dial *102# to check your bundle status @ Rs.0.10+tax per inquiry.
  • The real-time usage details are also available via My Zong App.


  • The MBs offered for YouTube can be utilized for YouTube as well as for Tapmad TV services.
  • YouTube MBs will not roll over.

Deactivation Code

  • Dial the daily data max offer unsub code *5# and then reply with 2 to deactivate it.

Zong Daily Data Max unsub code


  • This offer is auto-recursive. So, deactivate it after usage. Otherwise, it will be automatically activated if you have a sufficient balance in your account.
  • No balance refund on the offer’s unsubscription.
  • The Out of Bundle Rate for Data is Rs.1+Tax/MB. 
  • If you use the internet without activating any offer, a default rate of Rs.4+Tax/MB will be charged.

Terms & Conditions

If applicable, then the company will charge the following below-mentioned percentages:

  • An Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% will apply on every recharge.
  • If applicable then, an FED of 19.5% will apply to usage.
  • If applicable, a Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% will apply to use (if applicable).


This daily bundle is an amazing offer where you are getting reasonable resources for 24 hours. We have provided you with many ways of its activation, but don’t forget to deactivate it when not required, otherwise it will be reactivated after expiry. Plus, don’t forget to have a balance of more than Rs.49/- for any of your previous charges.

You can also subscribe to the 2-Hour Non-Stop offer, to get 1 GB of data for the next 120 minutes.

What is out-of-bundle rate?

In case the consumer has not purchased any add-on after consuming all resources, he/she will be charged an out of bundle rate of Rs.1+Tax/MB and not the default rate of Rs.4+Tax/MB.

What is an Add on?

Add-On is an additional data volume that a user buys to top up his previously used partial or full bundle.
Basic Add-On Basic Add-On
  • 100 MB of Data
  • Send "ba" to 6464
  • As per the validity of the package
  • Add-Ons and OOB are applicable to all offers.
  • In case of weekly, and monthly bundles, Add-Ons will be given at 80% or 100% utility.

When will Notification Messages be sent?

The notification will be sent at 90-95% utility with a message showing the 100% utility. While the other 20%, 50%, and 80% utility notifications will be sent accordingly on usage.

How many times a bundle can be Re-subscribed?

  • The same bundles can only be reactivated by deactivating them first.
  • Customers can only subscribe to the same daily bundle only two times a day.
  • With different bundles, the packages can be reactivated as many times as the user wants.

When will the Default Package be charged?

The default package rate of Rs.4+Tax will be charged in two cases:
  • If the customer has not subscribed to any bundle and utilizing MBs.
  • The package was previously subscribed to, and the customer has utilized all the given volume plus Add-Ons and the OOB.

Can postpaid user subscribe the offer?

No, the offer is only available for prepaid customers.

Any bundle will be re-subscribed automatically if the sufficient balance is available?

Yes, all bundles other than the Monthly Premium 30 GB offer, Super Weekly offer, Super Weekly Plus offer and Basic Add On will be re-subscribed in case of sufficient balance.

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