Zong Device Packages (Updated 2024) – Zong Device Packages Monthly – Zong Device Packages Price

Are you looking for the best “Zong Device Packages” to keep you connected anywhere anytime? 

We have covered the latest Zong device packages monthly, quarterly, yearly, and exclusive ones for you. Whether you’re in need of reliable internet access for your smartphone, tablet, or any other device, Zong has a range of device packages customized for you along with other Zong internet packages

With these Device Packages, you can enjoy high-speed internet access on your favorite devices without breaking the bank. 

In this article, we will cover everything from monthly data allowances to Zong Device Packages Price and activation codes so that you can choose the perfect plan for your connectivity needs.

Zong Device Packages – Zong Device Packages Price

Whether you’re a heavy data user or just need a basic plan, there is a range of different packages to suit your needs. Zong is providing MBB device bundles for its customers on a monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and yearly basis. Below here we have listed all Zong Device Packages along with their prices in separate sections for your ease. 

Remember, all mentioned prices are inclusive of taxes.

So, let’s get into the details.

Zong Device Packages Monthly

Zong offers a range of flexible Zong Device Packages Monthly plans to fulfill the different usage requirements of its customers. From light data users to heavier ones, there’s a separate plan for everyone. So, go through the next section to choose the package that best fits your needs.

Prepaid MBB 1 Month Prepaid MBB 1 Month
  • 65 GB for 30 Days
Prepaid MBB 1 Month Prepaid MBB 1 Month
  • 160 GB including 100 GB from 4 AM to 4 PM
Prepaid MBB 1 Month Prepaid MBB 1 Month
  • 200 GB for 30 Days
Prepaid MBB 1 Month Prepaid MBB 1 Month
  • 200 GB including 100 GB from 4 AM to 4 PM

Zong 3 Month Device Packages

Zong’s 3-month device package offers an extended 3-month validity period for those who need longer-term solutions. This package is ideal for users who search for a generous data allowance at affordable pricing to avoid frequent recharges.

Prepaid MBB 3 Months Prepaid MBB 3 Months
  • 65 GB per month

Zong 6 Month Device Package

Zong’s 6-month device package provides an even longer-term solution with ample data and budget-friendly pricing to access the internet for half a year.

Prepaid MBB 6 Months Prepaid MBB 6 Months
  • 105 GB including 30 GB from 4 AM to 4 PM per Month for 6 Months

Zong Device Yearly Package

The Zong yearly device package provides the convenience of having a full year of connectivity. You can have this plan for personal or professional use at a very affordable price.

Prepaid MBB 12 Months Prepaid MBB 12 Months
  • 75 GB Data + 30 GB from 4 AM to 4 PM for 12 Months

Zong MBB Device Packages – Exclusive MBB Bundle

Some other Zong 3G/4G MBB device packages are:

Prepaid MBB ADD-ON 5GB Prepaid MBB ADD-ON 5GB
  • Prepaid MBB add-on 5GB
Internet Sim GNO Internet Sim GNO
  • 1 GB Data Daily from 1 AM to 9 AM
160 GB MBB Exclusive Offer 160 GB MBB Exclusive Offer
  •  160 GB data in this Exclusive Offer

Activation & Deactivation Process

Online Activation/Deactivation

  • Visit the official Zong website and enter your MBB Child number or Internet SIM number. 
  • Click on the “Subscribe” button. 

Zong device packages activation

  • You’ll receive a 7-digit PIN on your MBB user interface and designated number. 
  • Enter this PIN and click “Verify & Subscribe” to complete activation. 
  • This PIN remains valid for future subscriptions made through the online shop.

Activation/Deactivation Channels

You can activate or deactivate plans through various channels:

  • Zong Online Shop
  • E care
  • Zong App
  • Helpline number: 310
  • Customer Service Centers (CSC) and Franchises
  • USSD code: *310#
  • Short-code: *6767# or *6363#
  • MBB Web user interface
  • MBB auto portal
  • Zong retailer

Additional Assistance

For further support or queries regarding plan activation or deactivation, you can reach out to Zong through Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. They are available to assist you 24/7.

Where can I buy a Zong 4G Mobile Broadband device?

You can buy it from any Zong Customer Service Center (CSC), Franchise, or retailer in cities with 3G/4G coverage.

What is a master number and what can I do with it?

A master number is a Zong number you provide when purchasing an MBB device. It allows you to manage your MBB account using another Zong number. The functions of this master number include subscribing to bundles, checking balances, and more.

How can I subscribe/unsubscribe to Zong 4G Mobile Wifi bundles?

You can dial *6767# from your Master number or access the device interface at and dial *6363# to manage your bundles.

How can I recharge my Zong 4G Mobile Wifi device?

You can recharge using Miniload, Scratch Card, Online Recharge, or by visiting any Zong CSC/Franchise or retailer.

Can I subscribe to a bundle if the monthly volume of a 3 Month bundle expires?

Yes, you can subscribe to a monthly bundle. If you activate a new 3-month bundle while the previous one is still active, the new bundle will replace the previous one.

How can I check my internet consumption on my Zong 4G Mobile Wifi bundle?

You can dial the Zong package check code *102# from your MBB number or use the Zong device portal at

Can I use the Internet on the MBB device without any bundle?

No, you need a valid MBB bundle to use the Internet on your device.

Are MBB bundles auto recursive?

No, MBB bundles do not auto-renew.

Do I get any warranty with my Zong 4G Mobile Wifi device?

Yes, you get a 1-year warranty for the device.

What is the warranty claim process?

Visit the device vendor’s service center or the nearest Zong CSC.

Who can use these plans?

All prepaid and postpaid individuals can use these plans.

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