Zong Free Internet Code 2023 – Zong Free Internet Tricks and Validity

Pakistan’s only network that cares for its customers by providing amazing internet bundles, as well as free offers, is none other than Zong – the fastest 4G network.  

In this article, we have discussed some tips and tricks using whom you can avail of free internet services. Below is a list of all those ways through which you can subscribe to the offers with their activation codes, data resources, and validity.

Zong Free Internet & Calls

This offer is for all new customers who have recently activated their sims. They can avail of the offer for 3 days by dialing the free internet and calls code *22# to get 2GB of data, 50 off-net minutes, and 1000 Zong minutes plus SMS. Customers need to have a recharge of Rs.50 in their account to subscribe to this offer.

Zong Free Internet & Calls

Free Internet & Calls Free Internet & Calls
  • 2GB of Data
  • 50 Off-Net Minutes
  • 1000 Zong Minutes
  • 1000 SMS
  • Dial *22#
  • Validity 3 Days

Remember, this offer is valid for new prepaid users of some specific cities of Punjab only, and the offer will end at 11:59:59 PM on the 3rd subscription day.

Zong New Sim Offer

Now all Zong customers will get free 4 GB of data and 1000 free Zong minutes by purchasing a new Zong sim. It is a weekly offer that you can get very easily by dialing *10# after activating your sim. 

Zong New Sim Offer

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a new sim and enjoy free resources and internet bundles all week long.

New Sim Offer New Sim Offer
  • 2 GB of Data
  • 1 GB of Data for WhatsApp
  • 1 GB of Data for Facebook
  • 1000 Zong Minutes
  • Dial *10#
  • Validity 7 Days

The offer is valid for prepaid customers only, so get your prepaid biometric verified sim and dial the new sim offer code to get these free incentives.

Zong Sim Lagao Offer

For its old customers who have deactivated their sims for the past 30 days, Zong proposed an exciting free offer for the next 60 days, i.e., two months. What they need to do is to just reactivate their sims and dial the sim lagao offer code *2244# and get amazing data and call incentives.

Zong Sim Lagao Offer

The bucket that the subscribers will get is:

Sim Lagao Offer Sim Lagao Offer
  • 8 GB of Data including 4 GB of WhatsApp 
  • 6000 Zong Minutes
  • 6000 SMS
  • Dial *2244#
  • Validity 60 Days

The surprise is not over yet. Moreover, for every recharge of Rs.80, they will get 25 other network minutes, 1000 Zong minutes, and 1000 data MBs for the next 2 days. 

Get the terms and conditions of this offer at our site. 

Free Daily Rewards by My Zong App

Here is a simple method to get free data for an unlimited time until complete utilization of the resources. The method or trick includes downloading and installing the “My Zong App” on your mobile phone to avail of the free data gifts. The simple steps that you should need to follow to get the daily rewards are as follows:

  • Go to the “Play Store” or “App Store” and search for “My Zong App”.
  • Log in to the app by filling in the required details and the home screen will appear to you.
  • Scroll down on the home page and you will see an icon showing the title “Rewards” and click it.
  • Click on the cards that will appear there after pressing the shuffle button and you will see the MBs that you have won.
  • You will get a confirmation message of the provided MBs.
  • Now you can use them until their complete utility.
  • You can win rewards daily by following the same procedure.

Free Data by My Zong App

“My Zong App” is just like your digital partner that helps you to recharge, activate/deactivate any package, avail discounts/games, and get a track record of resource utilization.

The App download is free of cost. Instead of charging its customers even a single rupee, the app’s new registration will give you free 6 GB of data. The awarded data will be given to you in the form of 200 MBs daily for the following whole month i.e., 30 days.

Free Data by My Zong App

So, download the app and sign up to get free 6GB of data.

Zong Free WhatsApp Code

In order to do free chit-chat and non-stop calling through Whatsapp for free on a monthly basis, dial the free WhatsApp code *247# at the rate of Rs.100/-. You will get flat 5000 MBs of WhatsApp to do unlimited chatting plus free audio-video calls. 

Monthly WhatsApp Monthly WhatsApp
  • 5GB of WhatsApp
  • Dial *247#
  • Validity 30 Days

In this monthly offer, all features of WhatsApp are included, such as:

  • Audio- Video Calls
  • All Video Downloading and Sharing 
  • Pictures Sharing
  • Audio and Text Messaging

Note that this offer is auto-recursive and will be reactivated again on expiry after 30 days if the customers have sufficient balance.

Zong Monthly Free WhatsApp Plus Code

Moreover, if one needs to have calls and SMS resources along with WhatsApp, then he/she can go for dialing the free WhatsApp code *4000# to get 5 GB of WhatsApp + IMO, 200 on-net minutes plus SMS, and 30 off-net minutes throughout the month.

Monthly WhatsApp Plus Monthly WhatsApp Plus
  • 5GB of WhatsApp + IMO
  • 200 On-Net Minutes
  • 30 Off-Net Minutes
  • 200 SMS
  • Dial *4000#
  • Validity 30 Days

The offer is auto-recursive so that it will be automatically reactivated after 30 days in case of enough balance.

Zong Free YouTube Code

A totally valid and free-of-cost trick to use free YouTube without any package or offer is going to be unwinded here next. With this trick, you can get free unlimited YouTube to enjoy. 

Here are the steps to follow to get free YouTube:

  • First, you need to establish your VPN so search “Yoga VPN” from the Play Store and download it.
  • Connect to it by using the default settings.
  • Now, search and install any screen recorder that will record your screen while playing any video.
  • Launch the installed recorder and go to YouTube to watch any of your favorite movies or shows while recording. 
  • Your favorite show in the form of a recording will be automatically saved in one folder, and you can enjoy it‌.

Zong 1 Hour YouTube Offer

An offer that can be availed for 1 hour twice a day is the Zong 1-Hour YouTube offer subscribing to which one can get 350 MBs for the next 60 minutes. This offer is almost free and available for all prepaid customers at a very minimum amount of Rs.2.39/-.

1-Hour YouTube Offer 1-Hour YouTube Offer
  • 350 MBs for YouTube
  • Dial *1987#
  • Validity 1 Hour

The offer is not auto-recursive, so it will be deactivated automatically without dialing any unsub code.

Zong Weekly Video Offer – YouTube Offer Code

You can also get unlimited video streaming on TikTok and YouTube with a weekly video offer of 8 GBs. This weekly offer is available 24/7 by dialing the weekly video offer code *570# at the rate of Rs.169/-.

Zong Weekly Video Offer

Weekly Video Offer Weekly Video Offer
  • 8 GB of Data for YouTube & TikTok
  • Dial *570#
  • Validity 7 Days

Zong Free Facebook Code 

Everyone wants to be socially active in the current era. So how could we ignore Facebook? 

                                         اور اگر فیسبک کی بات نکل ہی چلی ہے تو

                                         Why not try free Facebook?

Follow these below-mentioned easy and simple instructions to enjoy free Facebook. 

  • Download and install the Facebook app from Play Store.
  • Sign up first if you don’t have the FB id or login to your account.
  • Click on the drop-down menu present at the top-right corner.
  • There you will find Free Mode. 
  • Enable it and there you go. 
  • Now you can view comments, can do replies, and can see posts only with this basic mode.

Zong Daily Free Facebook Code

You can view written posts with the above basic free mode but if you are interested in watching the pictures and videos, then you need a daily FB plan. For this, you must dial the free daily FB code *32# to get 500 MBs of data for FB only for the whole day.

Zong Daily Free Facebook Code

Daily FB Offer Daily FB Offer
  • 500 MBs of Data for FB
  • Dial *32#
  • Validity 1 Day

You can subscribe to this bundle daily @ Rs.5/- only. So, it’s just almost free.

Zong Free TikTok Offer Code

Do unlimited scrolling daily for your favorite tiktoks under Rs.10 Shop on My Zong App. It’s a one-day offer for just Rs.8 where you can get 1 GB of data for TikTok only. So, this is almost a free TikTok offer. You can also activate this offer by calling 310.

Daily TikTok Daily TikTok
  • 1 GB of Data for TikTok
  • Call on 310
  • Validity 1 Day

Check out weekly and monthly TikTok offer codes here.

Free Internet Using Proxy – Trick 1

  • First you need to download “Uc Mini” or “Uc Handler” on your mobile phones in which you are wishing to use free Facebook.
  • Then go to “Settings” and then click on “Real Proxy”.
  • There you need to type in “HTTP” and then go for the real proxy server such as “″.
  • Set port 80.
  • Download and install your VPN such as Yoga VPN and connect it.
  • After connecting your VPN, you can now enjoy free internet through UC Handler.

Zong Free Internet Codes 2023

Here is a list of some useful codes for getting free Zong Internet in 2023. You can dial any of the below-given codes to get a free data bundle for yourself:

  • Dial *537*2# to get 1500 MBs or 1.5GB of data for free.
  • Dial *754# to get 4 GBs of free internet on your Zong sims.
  • Dial *56*8*23# to enjoy 500 MBs of data for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter for free. 
  • Dial *7863*86# to avail of 1GB of free Zong Internet.
  • Dial *117*111*2# to have 2 GB of free Zong data.
  • You can also try this code *6565*5# to get 1000 MBs free.
  • To get 1 GB of data volume for a week, dial *563*85*23#.
  • Last but not least, if you are using Zong 3G sim then first you need to convert it into 4G, and then upon dialing the code *44#, you will get 4GB of free Data.

100% Working Free Internet Code 2023

If you are a vivo user then smile because now, I am going to open you up a code dialing whom you will definitely get free internet.

  • Dial *4114# from your vivo mobiles.
  • You will be awarded 12 GB of internet entirely free.


Whatever method or free code you use, it’s not 100% guaranteed that you will be granted free internet as the company use to change these codes from time to time. But we are sure that the offers provided in our article are guaranteed and tested.

Moreover, visit our site PakTarrif to avail of the amazing data and call bundles at very cheap rates.

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