Zong Lahore Super Offer – Super Lahore Offer Charges & Codes

Pakistan-based mobile data network owned by China, Zong is keeping pace with other telecommunication networks operating nationwide. It offers economical packages to its consumers so that they may never think of switching the network ever. It is offering a good deal of hybrid bundles where one can get all the internet, SMS, and call packages in one bundle. No need to subscribe to different packages when Zong Lahore Super Offer is available at a very reasonable price to avail for a week.

So, if you are a Zong Prepaid and also a Lahori customer then, go and kill the waves before the offer ends.

This article uncovers the details of the Super Lahore Offer with the offered incentives, charges, and activation code.

Super Lahore Offer Details

The offer previously provided only 3 GB of data, but acknowledging the social needs of the people, Zong has boosted its 3 GB data offer to 5 GB.

Now, 5000 MBs are available for Lahori’s (لاہوری لوگ) as it is an area-specific offer to avail it for a whole week with other offered incentives for just Rs.150.

The details of the Weekly Lahore Super Offer are:

Lahore Super Offer Lahore Super Offer
  • 5 GB Data
  • 1000 Free Zong Mins
  • 40 Free Off-Net Mins
  • 1000 Free SMS
  • Dial *4466#
  • Validity 7 Days

Lahore Offer Activation Code

  • Dial *4466# to get this big bang Lahore offer and avail of flat 5 GB of data and other incentives for 7 days.

Zong Lahore super offer details

Offer Status Check

  • Download and install the “Zong app” to get all recent updates on the package and to check the remaining offered incentives of the subscribed offer.

How to Deactivate Offer?

  • To deactivate the subscribed offer, send an “UNSUB” message to 522 and you will get a confirmation message that you have successfully deactivated the offer.


  • The offer is only available for Lahore area prepaid Zong customers.
  • To check for the remaining incentives of the offer, dial *102# with a deduction of Rs.0.12+tax on every inquiry.
  • The offer is non-recursive. One has to redial the code to subscribe to it after the expiry.
  • There will be no call setup charges during this offer.

Terms And Conditions

If applicable, then the company will charge the following below-mentioned percentages:

  • An Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% will apply on every recharge.
  • If applicable then, an FED of 19.5% will apply to usage.
  • If applicable then, Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% will apply to usage (if applicable).


In our article, we have discussed the most recent details regarding the Lahore Weekly Offer. So, if you are a Lahori, then you just need to dial the activation code to avail yourself of it before terminating.

Moreover, if you are a busy person and still don’t want to miss your calls, then use Zong Call Forwarding Service so that none of your important calls get missed.


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