Zong Monthly Supreme Punjab Offer (Updated 2023) – Monthly Supreme Offer Activation Code, Charges, Validity, and Details

A Punjabi offer for Punjabis.

                                           اگر پنجابی ہو تو زونگ منتھلی سپریم آفر سے مزے لو

Why call it a Punjabi offer? Because the resources are rolled up to the next month when it is subscribed to within the validity of the offer, just like the love and care of Punjabis for others. So, get the details of the Zong Monthly Supreme Punjab Offer in this article and enjoy unlimited fun with Zong 4G.

With a 44 million consumer base, Zong is offering exclusive offers that are of different natures, either social or hybrid ones, or regional or national. Some of the best services that it is offering are the call-forwarding service, free Google Maps service, and the best balance save service (to save your balance while using the internet).

We have compiled a long list of Zong internet packages at our site PakTarrif where you can get in the details for the subscription methods or the charges, validity, or the terms and conditions of the offers.

If you have subscribed to different offers and now you want to unsubscribe from all of them, then you can go dialing the all packages unsubscribe code.

Some other monthly and weekly Punjab offers are the Mahana Punjab offer and the Weekly Punjab Bachat offer. Customers can very easily get these offers according to their requirements. 

In this article, we have gathered information for you about the supreme Punjab offer. You can check offer resources, validity, charges, activation/deactivation methods, and terms & conditions in the following sections coming next.

Monthly Supreme Punjab Offer Details

As the resources are rolled up to the next month and added up in the next subscription till the next validity, so now it’s becoming important to know what those resources are. 

By subscribing to the monthly Punjab offer by following any of the subscription methods mentioned below, you will get a bundle of monthly data, minutes, and SMS incentives. The subscribers will get 22 GB of internet, which includes 12 GB for YouTube only. This is one of the best offers for YT lovers, just like 1-Hour YouTube offer.

Other than this, the Punjabi subscribers will get 5000 Zong minutes and SMS to remain connected with their loved ones all over Pakistan, who use the same network. But there are also 400 minutes available in this offer to make calls on all other networks as well. 

Zong Monthly Supreme Punjab Offer details

So actually, it is a bumper offer, as the leftover incentives will not end up at the end of the period if one resubscribes to the offer within the validity.

One more thing to consider is that you will get all the mentioned incentives for just Rs.1000/- per 30 days. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the offer is only subscribe able to the prepaid numbers in the Punjab province only.

The details of the Supreme Punjab monthly offer are:

Monthly Supreme Punjab Offer Monthly Supreme Punjab Offer
  • 22 GB including 12 GB of YouTube
  • 5000 Zong Minutes
  • 400 Other Network Minutes
  • 5000 SMS
  • Dial *4545#
  • Validity 30 Days

Offer Charges

  • The monthly Punjab offer is available at a consumer price of Rs.1000/-. The offer is available for Punjab residents only, so you can only get this offer subscription if you reside in any locality of Punjab province.

Activation Code

  • One must dial the Monthly Supreme Punjab activation code *4545# to activate this prepaid offer on his/her number.

Zong Monthly Supreme Punjab Offer code

  • The offer is also available on My Zong App, but it will be visible only in eligible areas.
  • If any method fails, then you can try this one. You must type “SUB MSP” and send it to 6464 to activate this offer.

Zong Monthly Supreme Punjab Offer activation

  • You can also activate this offer by visiting any nearby retailer shop or Zong franchise.
  • The offer subscription is also available online where one needs to search for the offer by its name and go to the official website of the company. There, fill in the blank with the required information and click on the subscribe button. 

Zong Monthly Supreme Punjab Offer online activation

Deactivation Code 

  • You probably won’t need this code as the offer is non-recursive, i.e., it automatically deactivates after its validity period. But you can get your leftover incentives added up in the next subscription by subscribing to the offer within its previous validity. So, resubscribe to the offers within the offer’s validity to continue using the remaining MBs, minutes, and SMS.
  • If you have subscribed to the offer, then surely it will appear on your Zong app so you can easily unsubscribe from the offer when you don’t feel it’s needed anymore. 

Status Checking Code

  • To check the details of the all-remaining resources, dial *102*1#.
  • To check the details of the remaining SMS only, dial *102*2#.
  • To check the details of the remaining on-net plus off-net minutes, dial *102*3#.
  • To check the details of the remaining data MBs, dial *102*4#.
  • Each inquiry will cost you Rs.0.10/- plus tax.


  • There will be no call setup charges applicable during this offer, as the offer provides on-net and off-net minutes.
  • The monthly supreme offer is only available for prepaid Zong customers living in Punjab.
  • The offer is non-recursive and non-refundable, so its deactivation will not refund any money to your account.
  • The leftover resources roll-over to the next subscription, if the consumer resubscribes to it within its validity.
  • Multiple subscriptions of the offer are allowed.

Terms and Conditions

The company will charge the following percentages:

  • An Advance Income Tax of 15% will apply on each recharge made to the account.
  • If applicable then, an FED of 19.5% will apply.
  • If applicable, a Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% will apply to use.


All Punjabis can get this offer by following any of the subscription method. They will become eligible to use 10 GBs of whole internet plus 12 GBs of YouTube only throughout the month along with 5000 on-net minutes plus SMS, and 400 off-net minutes. So, this hybrid offer has covered every aspect that a user requires. Further more, you can call the Zong helpline 310 for any query in case the offer changes as the operator has the exclusive right of withdrawing or changing the offer at anytime.

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