Zong Remaining Minutes Check Code (Updated 2024) – How to Check Zong Remaining Minutes

Dear Zong Users! 

To keep track of your resource consumption, check out this article as it will help you to keep your budget and usage in line.

At times, you need to monitor your resource usage, and it’s a key in this fast and furious world so that you’re always connected when you need it the most. If you’re a Zong user, then your problem of checking your remaining minutes is solved here with a complete and detailed guide covering different ways of resource checking. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the various methods to check your Zong remaining minutes and an updated Zong Remaining Minutes Check Code to track consumption easily and quickly.

How to Check Zong Remaining Minutes

To stay in touch with your package’s resource information and to monitor your usage and budget, we have gathered here 5 different methods to check Zong free minutes instantly. 

Let’s get into the details together!

1. My Zong App

Never ever ignore the ease that My Zong App is offering. 

This is a user-friendly application that gives you an easy and convenient way of checking your package’s usage status at your fingertips.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to your app store and download the My Zong App. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Log in with your details or create a new account if you are a first-time user.
  • Once logged in, go to the “Usage” or “Account” section to find the details of your remaining minutes.

How to Check Zong Remaining MBs via zong app

2. Zong E-Care Web Portal

For those who prefer a browser-based approach, Zong E-Care offers another easy and accessible solution.

Here’s how you can check your remaining minutes using E-Care:

  • Open your browser and visit the Zong E-Care portal.
  • Log in to your Zong account using your credentials.

Zong Remaining device MBs

  • Find the “Usage” or “Remaining Minutes” section to check the Usage details and the remaining Zong minutes.

Zong Remaining device MBs details

With Zong E-Care, you can get to know about your account details from your desktop or laptop.

3. Zong Remaining Minutes Check Code 

For users who prefer the simplicity of dialing a code, the operator provides a quick and direct method. It’s a straightforward approach in which you don’t need any internet access to inquire.

Zong Remaining Minutes Check Code

Here’s how to check Zong remaining minutes instantly:

  • Pick up your mobile phone and dial the Zong Remaining Minutes Check Code *102*3#.
  • Within a second or two, your remaining Zong minutes will appear on the screen.
  • But remember, this is not a free code and every inquiry will charge you 12 paisa i.e. Rs.0.12/-.

You can check your balance using the Zong Balance Check Code.

4. Bonus Code

What if you are curious about your overall usage, including MBs, minutes, and SMS? 

If yes, then dial a bonus USSD code *310*9*2*2# from your mobile phone’s dial pad. This code provides you with a detailed usage notification of MBs, minutes, and SMS. 

Zong Remaining Minutes Check Code - How to Check Remaining Minutes on Zong

And the best part?

It’s absolutely free of cost so that you can stay in knowing of your resource consumption without worrying about additional charges.

Don’t worry if this doesn’t work for you. You can opt out of other options in such cases. 

5. Zong Helpline 310

If you are a person who needs a more personal approach/solution to his query, then pick up your phone and call the trusty Zong helpline at 310. After dialing this number, follow the instructions, and you’ll connect to a customer service representative. You can now inquire about your remaining minutes, and they’ll provide you with accurate and up-to-date information. 

Keep in mind that every inquiry through this method will charge you a call setup fee per inquiry.


We have shared different ways of checking your Zong minutes. Whether you opt for the My Zong App, the web-based E-Care portal, or the instant USSD code method, you have multiple ways to keep in touch. You can go for any of the methods according to your ease.

Stay connected, stay informed!

Dial the Zong Weekly Call Package Code to get both on-net and off-net minutes for a week.

How can I check my Zong minutes?

Simply dial the Zong minutes checking code *102*3# to check your remaining minutes.

How to check the remaining resources on Zong?

To check all your remaining resources, including SMS, minutes, and MBs, dial the Zong status check code *102*1#.

How do I check my remaining MB and minutes?

Dial the Zong remaining MBs Check Code *102# from your Zong number and follow the instructions to check your remaining resources. Alternatively, use the "My Zong" app to view your remaining minutes, SMS, and MBs.

How to get free minutes on Zong?

To enjoy the Zong free internet and call incentives, dial *22# after recharging a minimum amount of Rs.50/-. This offer includes 2GB of data, 50 off-net minutes, and 1000 on-net minutes, valid for three days.

How can I share my Zong minutes?

You can’t share minutes right now but you can share balance with the Zong Yaari Load service. Dial the Zong Balance Share Code *828# for balance transfer and *829# for balance requests.

How can I check my remaining data on Zong Postpaid?

For a quick check of your current free minutes, SMS, and mobile internet on Zong postpaid, simply SMS “BL” to 567. You will receive detailed information about your current bill and any advance payment if applicable.

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