Zong Super Weekly Plus Offer (Updated 2024) – Zong Super Weekly Plus Code, Details, and Charges


                                                                              !اتنا بڑا ڈیٹا بنڈل زونگ سپر ویکلی پلس کے علاوہ نہیں ممکن

Now Zong is making you enjoy Super Weekly Plus with the highest mobile internet volume in any weekly bundle! You won’t encounter any offer other than this plus offer that is offering this much data for a week only along with other incentives, too.

For those who need weekly data plus calls and messages, the customers can have no other better package than the weekly package.

            So, what are you looking for till now? Go and grab your weekly super plus offer.

Zong Super Weekly Plus Offer via app

We have enlisted all the daily, weekly, and monthly regional or nationwide internet packages at PakTarrif

As the weekly offer is the first choice of any mega data consumer, you may be interested in other weekly offers as well. You may choose among the HLO offer, Mega Data offer, Pro Plus offer, Pro offer, and All-in-One bundle offers for your weekly utility.

In this article, we have covered all the relevant details of the Super Weekly Plus Offer. These details include its recent charges, activation/deactivation codes, offered incentives, reactivation process & code, validity, and terms & conditions.

Super Weekly Plus Offer Details

A Super Plus bundle for the Super and Plus customers. 

Those customers who previously only needed data for them are now seeking call minutes and SMS too. So why is Zong not upgrading its offer?

Recently it has launched the plus version of the Super Weekly offer where the subscribers will get 8 GB of data instead of 4GB for the whole week for just Rs.350/-.

Additionally, it is offering 5000 Zong minutes and SMS plus 60 other-network minutes

Zong Super Weekly Plus Offer details

The details of the weekly plus offer are:

Super Weekly Plus Offer Super Weekly Plus Offer
  • 8 GB of Data
  • 5000 On-Net Minutes
  • 60 Off-Net Minutes
  • 5000 SMS
  • Dial *20#
  • Validity 7 Days

The offered incentives are not time-bound. Subscribers can use them 24/7.

Offer Charges

  • All prepaid customers are eligible to consume this weekly offer at a consumer price of Rs.350/- only.

Activation Code

  • Dial the Super Weekly Plus Offer code *20# or *6464*3*1# to get the maximum of this 7-day offer.

Zong Super Weekly Plus Offer code

  • This offer is also accessible via the My Zong App.
  • To activate it via the offer’s menu code, dial *6464*3*1#.

Zong Super Weekly Plus Offer activation code

  • Visit the nearby retail shop to activate the offer on your prepaid number.
  • To activate it online via the site, the user must insert his prepaid number in the blank given on the official site of the offer.

Zong Super Weekly Plus Offer via website

Status Code

  • To get the details of your unused MBs, free minutes, and SMS, dial the offer status check code *102# @ Rs.0.10+tax/inquiry.
  • Real-time tracking is available at “My Zong App”.

Deactivation Code

  • Dial the Super Weekly Plus offer deactivation code *20*2# to unsubscribe from the offer.

Zong Super Weekly Plus Offer unsub code

  • One can also unsubscribe from it via “My Zong app”.
  • To deactivate the offer via the offer menu code, dial *6464*3*2#.

Zong Super Weekly Plus Offer deactivation code

Reactivation Code

  • After dialing the unsub code *20*2#, the customers must dial *20*1# to reactivate the offer.

Zong Super Weekly Plus Offer reactivation code


  • Only prepaid customers of Zong can subscribe to this weekly offer.
  • The bundle is not automatically activated upon expiry.
  • There will be no balance refund on the offer’s deactivation.
  • The Out of Bundle Rate for Data is Rs.1+Tax/MB. 
  • If you use the internet without activating any offer, a default rate of Rs.4+Tax/MB will be charged.

Terms & Conditions

If applicable, then the company will charge the following below-mentioned percentages:

  • An Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% will apply on every recharge.
  • If applicable then, an FED of 19.5% will apply to usage.
  • If applicable, a Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% will apply to usage (if applicable).


This is a plus version of the previous super weekly offer and may be subject to change at any time by the operator. We have covered all activation/deactivation/reactivation codes and methods, but one needs to recharge their sim balance with more than the required Rs.350/- before activating it.

Moreover, if you need only social data either on a weekly or daily basis, you can go for Weekly Social offer or Daily Social offer. These are very reasonable ones. You may check their details. 

How can I check usage details of Super Weekly Plus?

By dialing *102# at the rate of Rs.0.10+tax/inquiry.

Will the Super Weekly Plus be automatically renewed?

No, it is not auto reactivated.

What type of customer can subscribe to Super Weekly Plus?

All 2G, 3G, and 4G prepaid customers can subscribe to the offer.

Is there any download limit on Super Weekly Plus?

Customers can make unlimited downloads until the consumption of 8 GB of data.

Are there any Add-Ons available for this offer?

Yes, customers can utilize the Add-Ons that are available for all internet bundles.

What are the charges after 8 GB mobile internet volume is consumed?

After consumption of 8 GB of data, the customers will be charged Rs.1+Tax/MB until expiry of the bundle.

Can the bundle be re-subscribed after 8 GB mobile internet volume is consumed?

Customers first need to unsubscribe from the offer by dialing *20*2#, and then by dialing *20*1#, they will reactivate the offer.

Will the customers be charged again if they subscribe to the bundle twice?

Yes, they will be charged again on the second subscription.

What is the Add On expiry if customers have activated the Super Weekly Plus along with any other internet bundle?

The validity of the Add-Ons will be synced with the highest validity bundle.


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