Zong Unlimited Internet Package (Updated 2024) – Zong Unlimited Internet Package Monthly 

Do you want to enjoy unlimited internet for an extended period of time or are you tired of worrying about data limits?  

Then we have got an unlimited solution for you in the form of the “Zong Unlimited Internet Package”. This package will get you into a world of endless browsing, streaming, and downloading for the next 180 days. 

In this article, we will get into the details of this 6-month package, its activation code, charges, validity, and many more.

Are you ready? 

Zong Unlimited Internet Package Details 

With the Zong Unlimited Internet Package Monthly, you’ll receive a generous allocation of resources to keep you connected throughout the month. You will have 100 Zong to Zong minutes to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues without the need to worry about running out of talk time. 

Additionally, you will have 10 Off-Net minutes to reach out to contacts on other networks without paying extra call set-up charges.

But that’s not all.

This Unlimited Internet Package also includes 100 MBs of internet data to browse your favorite websites, stream videos, and download files with ease. 

In addition to the generous minutes and data allowance, this bundle also provides you with 100 SMS to send messages to your loved ones whenever you need to.

Zong Unlimited Internet Package monthly

The details of the Zong 6 month package are:

Unlimited Internet Offer Unlimited Internet Offer
  • 100 MBs of Internet
  • 100 Zong Minutes
  • 10 Off Net Minutes
  • 100 SMS
  • Dial *5123#
  • Validity 60 Days

Offer Charges

  • Priced at just Rs.50/- including tax, this package provides value for its customers by providing this bundle of resources.

Zong Unlimited Internet Package Monthly Code

  • To activate this offer, simply dial the activation code *5123# and you will gain instant access to unlimited internet browsing, streaming, and communication.
  • You can activate it via the official Zong website. Get your Zong number if you have lost it.

Dial the Zong Loan Code to get the advance and the Zong Balance Share Code to help others by sharing them balance.

Status Check Code

  • If you want to keep track of your package status and validity, dial the Zong package check code *102# and you will be informed of your package status.


  • With a validity period of 6 months, this Zong 6 Month Package allows you to stay connected for longer without worrying about frequent recharges.


  • All Zong prepaid customers are eligible to avail of this 6-month unlimited bundle.


We have solved your problem by presenting all the details of this unlimited internet package of Zong. Now you just need to communicate with the peace of your mind, as this bundle is valid for half a year.

How can I monitor my data usage?

You can keep track of your data consumption with the Zong remaining package check code *102#.

Will the unlimited internet offer renew automatically?

No, this offer does not renew automatically.

Does this package include resource rollover?

Yes, this package includes resource rollover and any unused resources from your current subscription period carried forward to the next.

What are the charges after consuming the initial 100MB of mobile internet volume?

Once you've consumed the initial 100MB of mobile internet volume, an out-of-bundle rate of Rs.1+Tax/MB applies until the expiry of your bundle. After the bundle expiry, you'll be charged as per the respective base tariff.

Can I subscribe to the bundle again within its validity period?

Absolutely, you have the flexibility to re-subscribe to the unlimited internet package as many times as you like within the validity period.

Can I access conference calls and Yaari Call while using this offer?

Yes, you can enjoy the convenience of conference calls and Yaari Call services along with your unlimited internet subscription.

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